There’s a place in the world where the heart beats fast; where you become breathless because of the strong emotions you feel; where the time stops and you become ageless. That place is between your arms where the heart never gets old...

"Tra le tue braccia"  Alda Merini, Italian Poet


Each unique pendant, bead, and logo tag are lovingly designed and crafted in Italy. These one of a kind pieces can be personalized with your own special video message, song, or photos (up to 10MB). Every pendant comes with an elegant card featuring a NFC chip. Just tap your phone on the card and follow the directions to create a special message for the one you love. Once they open their pendant, your recipient will tap the card with their phone and they will receive your personalized message.



It started with two friends

A project that was conceived during a challenging moment in time. Where we have been forced to avoid one of the dearest displays of affection, The Hug. This is what happened to Lisa + Yvonne during a 25 year friendship with 6,171 miles separating them.


During many calls over these past few months the idea of creating a pendant that symbolizes "The Embrace" began to take shape. The elegant design represents overlapping arms in the act of embracing.. We hope you'll share this "Hug" and our other beautiful handmade designs with the people you love. Letting them know they are close to your heart each and every day.

From our hearts to yours,

Lisa and Yvonne